Vol. 3, 2018

Original research papers

Radiation Protection


Maja Grbić, Aleksandar Pavlović

Pages: 52–57

DOI: 10.21175/RadProc.2018.11

The paper presents the methodology for determining the area in the vicinity of overhead power lines where the levels of non-ionizing radiation are significant in the context of current regulations referring to the protection of the general public in the Republic of Serbia. A brief review of Serbian legislation on protection of the general public from power frequency electromagnetic fields is given. The zones of influence of 110 kV, 220 kV and 400 kV transmission overhead power lines are determined by calculations. The configurations of power lines which result in the widest zone of influence are analyzed for each voltage level. The influence of phase conductor heights on the width of the zone is also considered. Determining the width of the zone of influence is very important for planning the construction of new power lines near residential areas, as well as for the construction of residential buildings near existing lines. It is also significant when it is necessary to determine the locations in the vicinity of overhead power lines where more detailed testing of non-ionizing radiation should be performed by measurements.
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