Volume 5, 2021



Igor Smirnov, Ahmed Harb, Igor Balantsev, Maria Karavan

Pages: 32-36

DOI: 10.21175/RadProc.2021.06

The possibilities of 90Y/90Sr separation from carbonate media are investigated as a green alternative method. Solvent extraction of yttrium and strontium from carbonate solution is studied using several extractants in different organic diluents. 8-hydroxyquinioline and 2,3-dihydroxynaphtalene possess a promising Y/Sr separation. Yttrium and strontium distribution ratios D and separation factors SF are evaluated. pH interval 13 - 13.5 is regarded as the optimum for separation. Yttrium is extracted much better in 2-nitrotoluene (DY=3.9), maximum separation is observed in 2-nitrotoluene SF = 195 at pH 13.5.
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Igor Smirnov, Ahmed Harb, Igor Balantsev, Maria Karavan, "Yttrium-90 separation in carbonate media by solvent extraction ", RAD Conf. Proc, vol. 5, 2021, pp. 32-36, http://doi.org/10.21175/RadProc.2021.06