Volume 4, 2020

Radiation Protection


Yousif Abdallah

Pages: 149-154

DOI: 10.21175/RadProc.2020.31

Radiation Exposure is the main hazard in medical x-rays investigations. The objective of this work was to study the attended radiation dose measured in the Majmaah area. Furthermore, to measure the radiation dose level for different examinations in conventional x-rays. Thus, conventional x-rays examination of traumatic patients. A sample of 700 patients was evaluated using at King Khaled Hospital- Majmaah. The average and range of exposure parameters were 73.5 ± 9.1 (65.9 – 124.9) KVp and 2.7 ± 0.71 (0.2 – 9.6) mAs for X-ray exposure factors, respectively. The measured Entrance Surface Air Kerma (ESAK) dose for chest (PA), skull ((AP) and (LAT.)), Lumbosacral ((AP) and (LAT.)) In addition, knee joints ((AP) and (LAT.)) were 0.20 + 0.07 with range of (0.13-0.37) mGy, (0.86 ± 0.01) with range of (0.09 – 2.92) mGy and 0.09 + 0.02 with range of (0.04 -0.17) mGy, (0.10 ± 0.02 with range of (0.04 – 0.17) mGy and 0.1 + 0.02 with range of (0.03 -0.16) mGy and 0.86 ± 0.01 with range of (0.09 – 2.92) mGy respectively. The study was concluded that most of the procedures were done in King Khalid Hospital-Majmaah were in the permissible limits. In dose measurement techniques, the machine and patient-related factors must be fixed for accurate results.
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Yousif Abdallah, "Estimation of radiation dosage for traumatic patients in Majmaah area, Saudi Arabia," RAD Conf. Proc, vol. 4, 2020, pp. 149–154, http://doi.org/10.21175/RadProc.2020.31