Vol. 2, 2017

Professional Papers


Erick Hernández, Ricardo Contreras, Cabrera Ixquiac, Osmar Hernández, Fredy Pérez

Pages: 308-309

DOI: 10.21175/RadProc.2017.62

The IAEA on human health reports, No. 1, Criteria and Recommendations for Academic Training, Clinical Training and Certification in Latin America, suggests that the Medical Physicists of the region be accredited. "The accreditation is issued by a duly authorized professional entity (for example, a college or a professional society) serves as a public recognition that gives quality to the service provided."

The Ministry of Energy and Mines of Guatemala, which regulates the use of ionizing radiation in Guatemala through the Directorate General of Energy, took as reference for the accreditation and practice of the profession of Medical Physics in Guatemala the report No. 1 of the IAEA. For this reason, the National College of Engineers from Guatemala (CIG), where the physicists are members, created the CIG Medical Physics Commission and this commission convened to Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala USAC (national university), Directorate General of Energy DGE and Guatemalan Association of Physics AGF to appoint their representatives for the creation of the National Committee of Medical Physics, whose functions will be to endorse the registration of medical physicists, and deliberate regarding medical physics when required.
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