Vol. 2, 2017

Other topics


Koci Doraci, Alfred Hasanaj

Pages: 304-307

DOI: 10.21175/RadProc.2017.61

Predicting, calculating and minimizing rail profile-wheel wear is still an important inquiry, despite the evolution in its formulation. This paper will contribute to solving the wear prediction problem, frameworked by the guidelines given below: (a) Wear minimization in terms of different curve radiuses and (2) Wear minimization in terms of different wheel-rail profile combinations. The objectives of the paper are: (1) To maximize prediction accuracy of the wear index (a) in terms of the overall wear index, (b) in terms of wheel-rail combinations and (c) in terms of curve radius; (2) To optimize wheel-rail profile combinations in terms of wear indices for different curve radius scenarios. Overall, the main contributions of the paper are: (1) this paper significantly contributes to solving one of the most important problems of wheel-rail contact optimization: prediction of wear indices in tight curved rail tracks; (2) this paper accesses the predicted value of the wear index in different curve radius scenarios, creating the possibility of adaptation in both ways – to adapt the rail profile to the wheel type and/ or to adapt the wheel type to the rail profile type.
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