Vol. 2, 2017

Other topics


Mirjana S. Jankulovska, Vesna Dimova, Ilinka Spirevska

Pages: 296-299

DOI: 10.21175/RadProc.2017.59

UV spectroscopic methods were used in order to determine dissociation constants of some aromatic hydrazones. The acid-base properties of investigated hydrazones were followed in sodium hydroxide media at constant ionic strength of 0.5 mol/dm3 adjusted with sodium perchlorate. Absorption band with maximum at 330 nm was noticed in neutral media. A batochromic shift of this band was observed in basic media, probably due to dissociation process. Dissociation process took place in one step for four investigated hydrazones and in two steps for hydrazone with phenol group in its molecule. The absorbance data from the UV spectra were used for calculation of dissociation constants. The obtained pKHA values were between 2.11 and 2.62 which suggested that the influence of the substituents is not significant. At the same time, pKHA values were determined graphically from the intercept of the dependence of logI on pH. There are no important differences between calculated and graphically determined dissociation constant values.
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