Vol. 2, 2017



Ilma Robo, Saimir Heta, Panajot Papa, Edlira Sadiku, Nevila Alliu

Pages: 228-230

DOI: 10.21175/RadProc.2017.47

The aim is to emphasize the notions: determinant indicator and predictor of risk factors for periodontal pathologies, and to show the interconnection logic, analyzing the effects of one of the risk factors, in this case of smoking, mainly on the amount of gingival fluid. For achieving this, measurements were carried out, in mm of the wet amount of adsorbent placed in sulcus, before and 30 minutes after smoking; held in sulcus, for 3 minutes. This procedure was repeated several times. In the end, we organized the summary table, to show the interconnection of concepts about periodontal risk. What represents the human body, consisting at the host which is subjected to the action of oral bacterial flora and this interaction extends in time, where the personal diet of the patient operates as mechanical element that clean the surfaces of the tooth. It is noted that the change in wetting of the adsorbent was only 1 or 0.5 millimeters, within 3 minutes time that was held inside the sulcus. Small changes, but in total for the whole mouth, these are with great action for the oral hygiene. Once this 0.5 mm of humidity produced in 6 different points, around the tooth, and for 32 teeth simultaneously, the cleaning action of gingival fluid is more effective. Smoking increases the amount of crevicular fluid, but also promotes the destruction of the bone, whose clinical signs to the naked eyes, are more than visible.
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