Volume 2, 2017

Radiation Protection


Ihar Cheshyk, Diana Suchareva, Aleksander Nikitin

Pages: 64-69

DOI: 10.21175/RadProc.2017.14

The effect of microbiological preparations EM-1 and EMX-Gold on the accumulation and excretion of 137Cs in white laboratory male rats after oral administration of the radionuclide was investigated. The activity of 137Cs in the daily diet was 34.95 ± 5.62 Bq/day. After two months of keeping animals on feed contaminated with 137Cs, equilibrium activity of the radioisotope in the body of animals was reached. It was equal to 210–230 Bq/kg. Eight days after changing the diet to a diet clear from the radioisotope feed, the activity concentration of 137Cs in the bodies of rats decreased by 36–39 %. The effective half-life of 137Cs in the bodies of 8-month-old rats under chronic 2-month ingestion of the radioisotope was 352 ± 69 hours, for 10-month-old animals this index was equal to 394 ± 148 hours. The introduction of EM-1 or EMX-Gold in the diet over a period of 2 months reduced the effective half-life of 137Cs by 16–19 % (p < 0.15). A permanent addition of the microbial preparation EM-1 or EMX-Gold to the drinking water did not alter the rate of excretion of the radionuclide from the body after the 4-month maintenance of male rats on a diet contaminated with radioactive cesium.
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